Klair Total Quality Management Solutions has you covered

For over 20 years we have been helping agriculture and food businesses adopt to changes in regulations and beyond. Food Safety should be common sense, and this is the approach we take on all our projects and with the organizations we work with. There is a link of food safety with human behaviour, work pattern, teamwork, company values and ethics. We as a company believe in making food safety a simple interactive learning. We strive to build food safety in mindset of every employee starting from production floor, sanitation crew to senior manager.


Our philosophical approach behind offering Food safety services is an acknowledgement which is step one,  that It is easy to make rules for food industry and no ONE  rule can address and mitigate food safety concerns across all food factories. Every factory is different from layout, geographical location, supply base and from people perspective. Our services will be customized to meet particular needs based on particular attributes of programs. Our team can manage Supplier assurance program of a complex supply chain of raw materials.

This is what is unique in offerings of services of Klair Total Quality Management Solutions providers i.e. execution of adequate workable food safety solutions to provide safe food to the community.



1. We are not there to become a consulting or training vendor burden on you. We want to support you to grow your business by providing you with "Simple-Common Sense" based food safety and regulatory solutions.because we believe if food safety requirements are made complicated to implement, it cannot be sustained beyond getting audit certificates.   

2. We guarantee to provide an end-to-end solution to help grow your business with safe food supply chain. 

3. We believe in educating the people with behaviour based food safety education model. Our education model is very simple, easy to understand. The Art of designing the education material with practical examples along with keeping scientific technical facts integrated is our unique model. We believe that the skill we exhibit for education delivery is a differentiation from traditionally marketed food safety support services.


4. Communication is key so we are flexible with how we consult, train and engage, and we utilize all forms of tools such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or by traditional conference calls and email. 


5. Our team members are the best of the best.  We have the best teams with the ultimate intentions to help you achieve your business goals, therefore our team members are experts in their respective fields such as meat and poultry, bakery, processed foods, confectionery, edibles and beverages. Our Team members have attained extensive hands-on experience in developing, implementing, training and auditing of all GFSI schemes. Our Team members also have expertise in managing food safety quality and regulatory compliance of food packaging and storage & distribution


Our team is built with slow and steady hands-on learning of food safety with touch and feel of food contact surface. The team member of this group have also served from retailer’s corporate office by becoming Food safety manager for food supplier management. Every aspect of food industry is proven touched, practiced in order to gain the experience. From Meat and poultry food production plant to International retailer food department set up support, working with public health, inspection of ambient and perishable food storage warehouse , inspection and approval of supplier factories, transition from GMP requirements to GFSI requirements, Setting up recall withdrawal system for retail cash register , setting up regulatory label compliance department for retail food private label.

Our people are visibly seen active in food safety world with proven successful professionals in all aspects of the food and beverage industry.