HACCP Training

HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

The objective of this training is to go through the tasks in the application of the HACCP system and to provide trainees with the knowledge and background necessary to establish HACCP plans and/or verify the acceptability of existing HACCP plans and systems.

What you will do

Work on the 12 tasks in the application of HACCP, including the seven HACCP principles. It emphasizes the importance of the Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene and the appropriate commodity codes of practice, standards and guidelines as a basis for developing the HACCP plan.

Suitable for

  • Those responsible for HACCP in the workplace such as

    • Manager / Supervisor

    • Lead Engineer

    • Director of Quality

    • Head Chef / Head Cook

    • Lead Quality Controller

    • Health & Safety Officer

  • Businesses who are looking to score highly on a food hygiene audit.