Food Fraud-Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment

This one day Food Fraud Prevention (VACCP) training course has been designed to prepare you to perform a vulnerability assessment with the aim of gaining the knowledge and skills required to understand the context of food fraud, perform a food fraud vulnerability assessment and develop a food fraud prevention plan, in accordance with GFSI standards.

The course will enable you to assure the authenticity of your food ingredients and packaging by minimizing vulnerabilities through a risk assessment of your supply chain. You’ll use risk assessment to identify where controls may be required to detect, deter and minimize the potential for food fraud.

Course Topics Include

  • Provide an overview of food fraud and global initiatives

  • Recognize different types of food fraud assessment methodologies that may be used to identify vulnerabilities to an organizations’ supply chain

  • Describe the process of a vulnerability assessment for prevention of food fraud, (VACCP)

   as well as development of skill to

  • Source relevant information to inform a food fraud vulnerability assessment

  • Apply the concept of food fraud vulnerability assessment

  • Select a methodology to perform a vulnerability assessment

  • Document a plan for the prevention of food fraud to meet the intent of GFSI standards

Takeaway from the course

  • Improve your supply chain resilience

  • Strengthen procurement and sourcing practices within your organization

  • Apply risk-based methodologies to determine significant vulnerabilities to prioritize controls and mitigation strategies

  • Manage, control and reduce the risk of food fraud to your organization

  • Certificate of Attendance

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for

  • Sourcing, Purchasing and Procurement

  • Raw material authenticity and compliance

  • New Product Development 

  • Quality Assurance and Control