Our Foundation, Mission and Vision

Klair Total Quality Management Solutions team is lead by Ranjeet Klair who has over 21 years of  food safety, quality and assurance working for major global food brands and agri-business. She started in food industry as Quality Assurance Technologist. She has gone under the machines to do pre-operational inspections, Listeria swabbing of drains to managing GMPs to microbiological analysis in the plant laboratories. She comes to serve food industry with Masters in Food Science, Masters in Jurisprudence (Global Food Law) degrees and 21 years of industry experience. She believes in continuous learning from sanitation team and  production operators to determine real challenges which are making food safety hard to practice.  


Collectively Ranjeet, has assembled a team of professionals that combined  bring more than 40 years of food safety and quality assurance experience in the food and beverage Industry. Her teams just like herself have have been groomed and trained from the production floor to the organization boardrooms.  She believes Food Safety and HACCP don't come from the research laboratory. It starts from production floor and then becomes a part of your culture.

Our vision is to help every organization involved in food to realize the benefits of leading with a food safety culture in mind, and our mission is to help you create a simple common sense based food safety approach to aligned to your business objectives therefore enabling your culture to live it, breath it and implement it without our help once its done.